GoSmart Card

Features & Benefits of LMRC GoSmart Card

LMRC GoSmart card is contactless smart card working on RF Technology, GoSmart card features available for the passengers are mentioned hereunder:

  • GoSmart card can be used for seamless journey in Lucknow Metro as well as other integrated transport modes of Lucknow.
  • GoSmart card can be used for Non-Transport (Integrated with Lucknow Metro) transaction of Lucknow.
  • GoSmart card can be used for other Metros of Uttar Pradesh like Kanpur, Varanasi, Meerut, Agra, Allahabad, Gorakhpur and Jhansi (Integrated with Lucknow Metro) etc.
  • GoSmart card supports multiple products in a single card like Store Value Ticket, Trip Ticket, Period Ticket, Tourist Ticket, Special Day/Occasion Ticket. Any two product between Store Value Ticket, Trip Ticket & Period Ticket can be configured in a single card while Tourist Ticket & Special Day/Occasion Ticket can be configured individually on single card.
  • GoSmart card can be used on TOM & TVM to purchase smart journey token for your friends & family.
  • GoSmart card can be purchased from the Ticket Office Machine and Excess Fare Office of Lucknow Metro stations.
  • GoSmart card can be Toped Up from the Ticket Office Machine, Excess Fare Office, Ticket Vending Machine (TVM), Recharge Card Terminal Machine available at Lucknow Metro stations.
  • GoSmart card can be Auto Toped Up by setting standing instruction to commuter's Bank account (For Recharge, card need to be tapped on Automatic Gates or Add Value Machine available at Lucknow Metro Station).
  • GoSmart card can be recharged from LMRC website using Credit/Debit card, Netbanking etc. (For Recharge, card need to be tapped on Automatic Gates or Add Value Machine available at Lucknow Metro Station).

There is option of buying token (for a single journey), smart cards (for frequent travelers), and tourist cards for unlimited travel for one/ three days. Please see detail fare chart available at stations

Availability in denomination of Rs. 100 (for unlimited travel for 1 day) & Rs. 250 (for unlimited travel for 3 days).
Refundable security deposit of Rs. 100 Payable at the time of purchase.

Entry : At entry, hold your card close to the machine for gates to open. Repeat at exit.

Entry-exit mismatch : Every entry into the station must be followed by an exit.

Excess time : Maximum time allowed within metro premises is 20 minutes at same station, 70 minutes from others.

Facilities to check balance : Ticket reading machines available at all stations to help you check the balance on card.

Keep the card safe : Do not change the smart card number refund us guaranteed on damaged cards.

Save money!
Get 10% discount on every journey.

Save time!
No need to stand in queues for purchasing tokens.

Gain freedom!
Terminate/extend journey without pre-planning. (fare will be deducted only up till the station you exit from)

Enjoy convenience!
Board the train till the fast minute. (token sale stops 5 minutes before departure of last train).

Be flexible!
Smart card is transferable and can be used by any friend relative or family relative or family member.

Free Wifi!
Within station area by tapping the card at card reader and conformin through registered mobile phone