For Differently Abled

For Differently Abled


Passengers Lift/Ramp

Passenger lift is available for public use, providing barrier-access to passengers by way of a more convenient connection between the station and the neighbouring community.

Wheel chair

It is a foldable cushion wheel chair which, with staff assistance, enables wheelchair users to transfer vertically between street level and concourse level & platform through lift.

Stair lifts

Staff-opened stair lifts enable the staff to assist mobility challenged passengers to gain access to the station concourse.

Wider AFC gate

The width of the wide gate enables wheelchair users, passengers with baby prams or baggage within the specified limit to enjoy train services without assistance from station staff.

Facilities provided by LMRC

Reaching the metro station

• Lucknow metro feeder bus services available for reaching metro stations.
• Adequate parking available at selective metro stations.

Facilities for the differently abled

1. Mobility impaired passengers
2. Visually impaired passengers
3. Hearing impaired passengers


Audible lift message

Audible message indicating direction and floor levels are broadcast in all passenger lifts at LMRC stations.

Broadcast at platform level and door chimes

Broadcast at platform level and door chimes Automatic voice announcements will be broadcast when a train is approaching and when it arrives at the platform. A chime will also sound when the train doors are opening/closing.

Escalator audible warning signals

Escalators audible warning signals are installed in all stations to help passengers to use escalators and identify the running direction of the escalator.

Facilities with braille plates

Braille plates are installed on lift buttons and inside trains for priority seats inthe stations to the visually impaired passengers.

Tactile lines

• Tactile lines are installed in front of the platform edges in stations to enable visually impaired care users to detect the location of the platform edge.
• For any assistance dial 9415578606 - National disability Helpline no.


Flashing system map & active line diagram

Flashing system maps showing the current and next station, direction of the train and the sides of the doors will open for exiting passengers are provided in all trains.

On train information display system

Passengers information display panels in trains display next station messages & other operational and promotional information.

Passengers information display system

These provide visual messages and are supported by an audible warning in case of an incident. They are installed at the entrances and concourses of all stations, with the train arriving visual message always displayed on platforms.