Why Pick Metro

Why Pick Metro

  • Lesser travel time
  • Pollution free air-conditioned ride
  • Relief from road accidents and traffic jams
  • Train timing from 6am to 10 pm
  • State-of-the-art facilities like automatic fare collection gates, escalators, automatic coach doors, electronic surveillance etc.
  • Restaurants, coffee shops, book stores, utility bill payments at stations.
  • Hassle free queues for token and smart cards
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Get acquainted with the metro system for easy travel

  • To insure valid token from ticket window/ smart card.
  • Go to platform area through security check in after tappinng token/ card at AFC gate while passing through AFC gate.
  • Stand at side of plain door to let the train passenger get deboarded first then board the train.
  • Get down from train at destination and move through AFC gate while dropping tokens/ tapping the card.
  • Familiarize yourself with entry and exit points at station.
  • Take care of your children and luggage while boarding/de-boarding trains.
  • In case of any problem, don't lose patience & remain calm and immediately inform metro staff and security staff or you may also call LMRC's 24x7 toll free helpline number for assistance or enquiry.
why lucknow metro

Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) gates

  • Entry: hold/tap your token/smart card close to the machine.
  • Exit: token users: drop token into the machine.
  • Smart card users: hold/tap smart card close to the machine.
  • Wait for the gate to open.
  • Cross through the gates.
  • While crossing, make sure that children below 3 feet (height) are closely in front of you or in your lap.
    Note: purchase of tokens for children above 3 feet height is mandatory.
why lucknow metro
why lucknow metro

Customer Care Centre

User friendly counters for wheelchair users are provided at all the stations.

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Accessible toilets

Designated accessible toilets equipped with handrails and call buttons are provided at all stations to meet the needs of persons with disabilities.

why lucknow metro

Designated space inside train compartment

Spaces are designated in every LMRC train/ behind the driver’s cabin for the convenience of wheelchair users, passengers with baby prams.