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  • March 17, 2020

In the outbreak of Corona of Novel Corona Virus (Covid 19), Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRC) has made several precautionary arrangements and issued advisories in public interest keeping in mind the health and safety aspects of its commuters. Various measures have been undertaken for the sanitation of passengers and personal hygiene at all the Metro Stations from CCS Airport to Munshipulia through regular cleaning and up keep of the station premises and inside section of trains.

The initiatives taken by the Metro staff include the periodic announcements inside the Metro Trains and at the Metro stations through Public Announcement System (PAS). UPMRC is also spreading awareness through video messages and posters about different precautions and things to be kept in mind for the prevention of Corona Virus.

The ticket counters (TOMs), TVM machines, Customer Care centres, Entry-Exit gates, hand railings inside trains and at the Metro staircase are being cleaned and sanitised constantly & at regular intervals every 3-4 hrs (including seats). Station Controllers (SCs), Customer Relation Assistants (CRAs) and security personnel are wearing masks and gloves while contacting/dealing with commuters. There is already a provision of tissue papers and sanitizers for passengers at all the washrooms of Metro stations. Special emphasis is being laid on mopping and cleanliness at the Metro premises. UPMRC is creating awareness through social media on facebook and twitter on Covid-19.

Shri Kumar Keshav, MD, UPMRC urged all the commuters in particular and public at large to comply with the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) in view of health, safety, sanitation care and adequate sensitisation. He has also advised the Lucknowites to take special care of hygiene around them to prevent Corona Virus (Covid-19) in creating further menace. It is the time to support each other and be patient without creating panic during this outbreak of Corona Virus.