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  • February 07, 2018

Starting 8 th February, 2018, Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC) shall be undertaking a
three day “special drive” at all the eight operational Metro stations between the Transport
Nagar and the Charbagh to promote the usage of the automatic Recharge Card Terminal
Machine (RCTM) and the automatic Token Vending Machine (TVM) installed at Metro
During this drive from 8 th February, 2018 to 10 th February, 2018, LMRC shall be selling the
single journey travel tokens and recharging the ‘GoSmart’ travel cards for passengers
through the automatic Recharge Card Terminal Machine (RCTM) and the automatic Token
Vending Machine (TVM) only. All Metro commuters shall be encouraged to purchase the
tokens and recharge their smart cards through these terminals during this period.
The Ticket Operating Machine (TOM) meant for manual sale of tokens/smart cards at all
Metro stations will be closed throughout the commercial revenue hours during the three day
period. As such, there will be no manual sell of tickets through these counters and the Metro
commuters will have to purchase the single journey token and recharge their smart card
through these automatic machines installed at Metro stations.
The Metro staff and the Customer Relation Assistant (CRA) deputed at the RCTM/TVM at all
Metro stations will facilitate, guide, educate and help all Metro commuters in getting token or
recharging their ‘GoSmart’ card through these terminals.   
This drive is being carried out by Lucknow Metro in order to educate and aware the Metro
users for inculcating a habit among themselves for using the automatic services for a
smarter way of travel in the capital city of Uttar Pradesh. 

Amit Kumar Srivastava
Senior Public Relations Officer 
Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.