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  • September 29, 2018

Lucknow Metro today repeated its historic feet by successfully completing the erection of a 60 Meter Special Steel Span near Nishatganj over the main line Railway operational track at the location. This achievement has been accomplished by the LMRC Engineer under the leadership of Shri. Kumar Keshav, Managing Director in just 5 days without hampering the movement of the mainline railway and the vehicular traffic plying along the adjacent Indra Bridge.

The launching activity of this 470 ton steel span over Metro viaduct was a daunting task in itself as this activity was performed during night hours at a height of approximately 16 meters above the ground level. Lucknow Metro had applied the ‘Push Launching Methodology’ to achieve this engineering feat. Earlier, in August 2016, LMRC had achieved the similar feat for the first time at the Awadh Rotary between the operational transport nagar- Charbagh Metro Corridor.

Speaking about this milestone achievement, Shri Kumar Keshav, MD, LMRC, said, “This is a huge accomplishment for us as it has been completed in just 5 days. We had to take several precautions during this operation for the safety of the public. Every activity was minutely monitored to check the deflection and vibration of the support structures considering the huge load factor associated with the movement of the machinery.”

The erection activity for this job was started in the night of 24ndSeptember 2018 and the final erection of the 60 Meter Special Steel Span was achieved in the early morning hours of 29th September 2018. During night hours, the launcher was moved or pushed ahead over the supporting trestles with an automatic movement. However, this movement was not continuous as the span could gain only 500 mm of distance in one go considering the trickiness of the job and the heavy traffic movement during night hours.

What made it even more challenging was that it had to be erected above the 25000V OHE of Indian Railways without disrupting their operations.