Green Initiative

Green Initiative

The scope of Environment Management Plan is to cover & established procedures:

  • To identify environment aspect and its impact from activities including operation phase.
  • To carry out monitoring of all environmental parameters i.e air, water and noise during construction through regular monitoring program.
  • Supervising sub-contractors compliance with well-defined environmental control criteria through review of monitored data and site visits
  • Oversee mitigation matters, their design and implementation during construction and operation.
  • Undertake additional ad-hoc monitoring if required to address specific instances.
  • All method statements shall contain suitable procedures for control/monitoring of environmental factor.

Measures during Construction phase

Aim of mitigation measures is to protect and to minimize the environment impact of the project activities. Following are the focus areas where mitigation measures are already in place:

  • Afforestation
  • Energy Management
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • House Keeping
  • Air Pollution control
  • Noise Control Measures
  • Vibration Control Measures
  • C&D waste Disposal and Recycling
  • Water and Solid waste management
  • Rain water harvesting


  • More than 35% trees saved by changing in the design and alignment.
  • Landscape development and plantation in Median under viaduct and for Depot has been completed.
  • More than 5000 saplings has been planted in the train depot and under viaduct as part of Horticulture work.

Top Soil Management:

Considering the importance of Top Soil Preservation, LMRC Underground section and elevated Section (Constructing By M/S Gulermak -TPL JV and M/s L&T) saved top soil (400 m3 approximately) and transferred to specific locations at casting yard area and stored properly. The area now developed using top soil with seasonal grasses and other dust-resistant plants to control dust generation and erosion.

Air Pollution Prevention and Control

  • Installation of Dust collection system for batching pant
  • C&D waste covered to prevent dust emission during transportation from site.
  • Fugitive dust emission control (Exhaust ventilation ducting system is provided at Cement Storage, Batching plant)
  • Periodic Ambient and point source monitoring at defined in National ambient air quality Standard 2009.
  • The vehicles which meet BS III and IV standards and having valid PUC are used at site.
  • Machineries are maintained with their preventive, routine maintenance schedule.
  • Maintaining DG sets stack Hight for emission dispersion.
  • Water (treated) sprinkling at site to control dust emission.
  • Construction barricade are provided to prevent dust dispersion from site.
Dust collection through exhaust fan at cement storage
Electrical preceptor for dust collection from Batching Plant

Conveyor belt fully covered to prevent dust emission

Automizer Water sprinkling system installed at aggregate storage yard
Dust extraction at cement loading area

Water sprinkling and site barricades at site to prevent dust

Dust extraction at cement loading area
Road washing using treated water

Water Pollution Prevention and Control

Sedimentation taken at project

Wheel wash facility using treated water and sedimentation taken

Control measures adopted:

  • Heavy machinery work scheduled to happen in night time
  • Silent DG sets in use
  • Full and half barricades to restrict noise transmission
  • Monthly noise monitoring at all site location

Acoustic enclosure for DG sets

Site Barricade (full project catchment)


Control measures adopted:

Silent Grabbing Machine using at site